“I have to wait in line” said no BackGate user, ever. 

859,900% increase in users since launching in Sept. 2020

At BackGate our mission is to deliver stress free experiences for people pursuing their passions.



We bring together all of the different systems & make showing easy. 



We bring together all of the different systems & make showing easy. 

COVID-19 waivers & more

You give us the documents you want uploaded, we do everything else. We brand the app to your color scheme, your logos, and link it into your homepage. This way your users don’t even know they left your system. 

your show from your phone.

One sign in. Everything you need to show. Submit your barn credentials list, book your stalls, RV spots, paddocks, trailer spots, classes, feed & bedding, complete online signups the night before, see live gate status during the show, and more.

a network with a purpose

We are building a network focused on Equine Welfare. 


The users designed the app for themselves..


The app is protected by pending patents with the USPTO.


We use encrypted cellular & encrypt in our AWS cloud environment and transmit via bank level security.


We work around a 24 hour support schedule. The CEO wants to talk with every single customer who has an issue. We are constantly improving and developing based on what we learn from the market.


Once you accept the COVID waiver, you will be issued a physical lanyard credential

single sign-on

Customers create one account. This account gives them access to all services.


For the show office, we set you up with your own printing system in your office.

one app many shows

A subscription to the app provides access to every show we support, with one login.

Supported shows as of 2/01/21

The problems we are solving

Those who show, know

Vendors can't find customers

we don't have a way to rate vendors

Horse shows are huge

where's my child?

Many different back end systems

these systems were created before the iphone

This is how shows are run today

shows need to modernize to a new mobile world

Not a member? You just got disqualified

no more wasted money

Finally, these are being answered

these problems are 60 years old

Today's version of mobile app

we have a patent pending to fix this

It surprised us too

equine market = $300B globalLY
$122B U.S. ONLY

finally our placing in our phone

Not having this in our phone in an easy to read format is frustrating. Again, we have to walk back up to the competition ring to ask “What was our placing?” This is no longer necessary. 

A map for parents

At last, as a parent I have a fighting chance to know where to go. As a trainer, telling a parent “go to ring 3” is meaningless. Providing them with a map is merciful. 

Online signups

SGL is not going away and we don’t want it to. We are not competitive with SGL but some of us trainers need a bit bigger type and an easy way to place our students in our phone. It’s there if you need it; for example if you’re still in the ring training and signups for the next day are published.

Who's that rider?

We added this for the up and coming riders and their horses. This provides a pathway to our vertical social network. 

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